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Hello Kiblings, Welcome to our first seasonal event of Kibz Kraft. As Christmas is slowly approaching we have decided to run a 2 week build competition for our players with a chance for everyone to win a prize and the top 3 builds will also win a prize.

1st Place - $40 and 20% off the store
2nd Place - $20 and a 15% off the store
3rd Place - $10 and 10% off the store

If you want a chance to win a Minecraft Version on any platform of your choice read all the information on https://twitter.com/KibzKraft

- Everyone has full access to World Edit, Voxel Sniper, GoBrush, GoPaint, Armor stand tools, and the Head database
- Plots are 200 x 200
- The entire plot will be judged, so don't build just one thing. Use the whole plot, and don't be a flattard!
- You have unlimited World Edit
- Competition ends on the 23rd of December 2017
- Your plots will be available for download after the event
- Up to 5 people can build with you (including yourself)

How to join the build competition server:
1) Join mc.kibzkraft.com
2) Open your server selector (right click your compass) and then click on the santa head and you will be sent to the Christmas Build Competition server.
3) Then to claim a plot do /plot auto (Max 1 per player)
4) Then that plot is for you to build your Christmas build on.

- You must build within the time frame. Ends December 23rd and is streamed on December 24th
- Do not claim other people’s builds as your own.
- You must submit your entry on the forums and use the correct layout, or you will be denied.
- No more than 5 people can build on...

Hello Kiblings, Our first month of voting has ended and we are very happy with the number of votes we had from the community. We had over 1500+ votes overall. Here are this month's top voters!


[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
#1 BlueTrueMU #2 VimalMC #3ImVORT3X

If you would like to be in one of the three top voter spots remember to vote every day for a month and get a coupon code to be used on the store.


1. BlueTrueMU (152 votes)
2. VimalMC (145 votes)
3. Im_VORT3X (105 votes)
4. ImKibz (87 votes)
5. Shaxbeer (83 votes)
6. Yugie (73 votes)
7. Skillzfighter (54 votes)
8. BlueSwing (52 votes)
9. nightthemoon (49 votes)
10. Reeses_Puffz (49 votes)

Hello Kiblings, We have finally updated the Kibz Krate! We have added more items and all with different chances! You will also be able to purchase keys from the store if you want to open more of the krates.

Here are the items that you can win in the Kibz Krate. For you to unlock the items you have to do /vote on survival and vote for the server to receive your reward! Here is the loot table for the Krate!

8 coal 10
4 iron_ingot 10
8 glass 10
4 hay_block 10
8 wool 10
8 slime_ball 6
8 log 7
8 dye 6
4 glowstone 7
1 cake 7
1 emerald_block 3
1 gold_block 3
1 lapis_block 3
4 redstone_lamp 3
4 packed_ice 3
1 ender_chest 0.4
1 elytra 0.2
1 shulker_block 1
1 diamond_block 0.2
4 sponge 0.2​


As said above you can purchase more keys at store.kibzkraft.com and get either 10x Kibz Krate Keys or 50x Kibz Krate Keys. The loot you get is the same you receive when voting...

Hello Kiblings, We have an insane profile update for you today, including suffix changing, Ugly Block Challenge Trophies, Settings and an updated server selector.


You can access the profile in the Hub or by doing /profile on all servers. You can do the following, See your player information, add friends, create a party, see the Ugly Block Challenges you have entered, select a server, edit your personal settings, change suffixes if you have purchased them from the store and finally get links for the website, voting, twitter, discord and youtube.


Ugly Block Challenge trophies are given out each week for people that have entered the challenge via discord or the upcoming forums section. This is done manually if you are featured on the stream so make sure you enter otherwise if you don't you will never be able to get it.


Suffix changing has been added so if you have purchased a suffix from the store you can now remove, add or change suffixes. If you want to purchase any of them you can do so at http://store.kibzkraft.com


We have updated the server selector to allow for a few upcoming game modes that we will be releasing soon.

If you have any bugs with the new profile menu please create a bug thread in Forum Bugs and a staff member will assist you with your issue.

Hello Kiblings, We have some insane news!

There is now a massive 25% off everything in the store until the 2nd of September. So if you wanted to buy a rank do it now before it ends!


Hello Kiblings, We have some good and bad news today but it all is positive at the end of the day.

Let's start off with the bad news, The "ForMod" meme is going to be buried on Monday after ImKibitz Streams. That means the suffix will no longer be selectable at the store and will never return again so if you would like the limited edition suffix to go to the store now and pick one up!


Good News! We have staff applications now! So if you have ever wanted to apply for Kibz Kraft you can now. Just click on forums and then staff applications. Make sure you read the guide and go from there. Good luck to you all. What does this mean for the server? Well, we are introducing a new rank the Jr. Mod rank. This will be for all staff that have been accepted this will be their trial for becoming a full mod onto Kibz Kraft Network.

Update Log:
  • Added in support for 1.12.1 (1.12.1 Servers will be added in soon)
  • Added in 3 new suffixes for the store to be released on Monday 7th
  • Added in VIP and VIP+ rank in the store
  • Added in Suffix selector to be released on Monday 7th
  • Ugly Block Contest Block = Lime Glazed Terracotta
  • A lot of backend security fixes
  • Admin backend panel tracking player information and new players joining the server.
  • Added in /vote to Survival
  • Added in Kibz Krate to Survival BETA
  • Updated rules for Server and Forums check the rules link
  • We have a server twitter account - https://twitter.com/KibzKraft
So many new things in the works can't wait to show you guys!

Yugie - Network System...